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OutWorlders, Inc.

The regular business meeting of OutWorlders was held on Sunday, 16 May 2006, at 2:00 p.m. during the picnic. Ken Fernandez, Carlton Harrington, Jeff Smith, Robert Marshal, Amanda, Mike Hennigan, JD Harvill, and several more supporting members whose names escape me at this late hour were present.

Two proposals were presented. The first proposal was to move the June meeting to the weekend of Pride at the Outworlders booth, which passed without much a due.

The second proposal called for $300 to be used for the purchase of a banner and supplies for Pride. There was some discussion about the lack of details on how the money was being spent and what type and quantity of bracelets were to be purchased. A consensus was made to buy as many rainbow bracelets with the website and tagline on them as we could after we got the banner and the proposal was passed.

Amanda was crowned Iron Chef Pear.

The meeting adjourned at a little while later.

Respectfully submitted by a very tired Carlton Harrington, Secretary