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The regular business meeting of OutWorlders was held on Sunday, 17 August 2003, at 2:00 p.m. at the Atlanta Diner, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present. The following sponsoring members were present: Bil Boozer, Ray Berg, Edward deGruy, Will Gauvin, Kris Harter, Joy Hatcher, Alan Siler, Jeff Smith.

Treasurer's Report

Joy Hatcher reported that the Writers' Retreat had been a success, with 11 participants. Costs for the room came to $125, $100 of which were paid for by fund allocated for the event. (The rest was paid for by donations.).

Secretary's Report

The secretary reported that three new sponsoring members had been added to the mailing list since the previous business meeting.

Events Coordinator's Report

Kris Harter announced that the October road trip would be cancelled because of lack of interest. Discussions are still on-going about what event will replace Buffy night. Alan Siler suggested moving the weekly event to Wednesday to watch "Smallville" and "Angel."

Internet Coordinator's Report (provided by Chris Coppeans via e-mail) The Internet Committee meeting occurred 29 July 2003 at Miss Q's, and many suggestions were made that will improve the website significantly. Here are the salient points in synopsis:

  1. The welcoming paragraph for the website was rewritten, and a final version should be posted by Dragon*Con.

  2. We decided to limit direct links to SF/F/H-related links. We would like to have one link to a page that lists GLBT links in Atlanta, and we're looking for suggestions as to what that site might be.

    Companies/individuals who offer special discounts or advantages to OutWorlders members will also have a section on the links page. I'm sure I'm missing some of those links right now, so if people could e-mail them to me, I would appreciate it.

  3. The committee was in favor of advertisements on the site. These would be inexpensive ($1-10/month) and fall under the guidelines: The business involved would have to be geared to all ages. I will submit a proposal along these lines on behalf of the committee; this will allow the sponsoring members to express their (dis)agreement with this policy.


Two proposals introduced at the August meeting were considered:

Proposal 03-08-01. "Funding Allotment for Dragon*Con Expenses"

THAT OutWorlders, Inc. allot $150 for the purchase of supplies for the fan table and party at Dragon*Con (specifically, to pay for printing tickets, banners, food, and non-alcoholic drinks).
Author: Joy Hatcher

The proposal was adopted by a vote of 11 in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 present. The following sponsoring members' absentee ballots were considered in this vote: Aaron Angel, Ray Blount, Chris Coppeans, Amy Coppeans, Wade Young.

Proposal 03-08-02. "Dragon*Con Fund-raising for CHRIS Rainbow Home"

> THAT OutWorlders, Inc. donate 50% of raffle proceeds (after Dragon*Con related expenses are paid for) collected at Dragon*Con to CHRIS Rainbow Home. Author: Bil Boozer

The proposal was adopted by a vote of 12 in favor, 0 opposed, and 1 present. The following sponsoring members' absentee ballots were considered in this vote: Aaron Angel, Ray Blount, Chris Coppeans, Amy Coppeans, Wade Young.

The following proposal was introduced for consideration at the September meeting:

Proposal 03-09-01. "Advertising on Website"

> THAT OutWorlders, Inc. offer advertising opportunities on its Web site to businesses or organizations whose products and services are geared to an all-ages audience. Author: Chris Coppeans


Joy Hatcher reported that Kris Harter was still looking for volunteers to staff the fan table at Dragon*Con.


The next meeting of the Writers' Group was scheduled for 20 August 2003, and its focus will be completing our Dragon*Con project. The Dragon*Con project, titled "OutWorlders in Print" and to be an on-going publication, will feature 6-7 authors and artwork by Lynn Swetz. The following meeting is scheduled for 17Sep03.


Bil Boozer reminded the members that the book discussion group was meeting on 14 September August to discuss Vampire Vow by Michael Schleifelbein. The book selected for the October meeting is Mistress of Dragons by Margaret Weis.

The July regular business meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m. The next regular business meeting will be 21 September 2003 at 2 p.m. at the Atlanta Diner.

Respectfully submitted, Bil Boozer, Secretary