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The regular business meeting of OutWorlders was held on Sunday, 20 April 2003, at 2:00 p.m. at the Atlanta Diner, the Vice-president being in the chair and the Secretary being present. The following sponsoring members were present: Bil Boozer, Amy Coppeans, Chris Coppeans, Will Gauvin, Jeff Smith, Dorjan Williams.

President's Report

There was no report.

Vice-president's Report

Will Gauvin announced that Jeff Smith, Wendy Darling, and Ed Thorpe had volunteered to serve on the committee for the organization's participation in Atlanta Pride 2003.

Treasurer's Report

There was no report.

Secretary's Report

There was no report.

Internet Coordinator's Report

Chris Coppeans reported that he was continuing to make updates to the organization's new Internet site.

Events Coordinator's Report

Will Gauvin reported that the spring picnic had been a success, drawing about 15 people. The quarterly game night was scheduled for 09 May 2003 at Will's home. Trivia Night has been further postponed.

Historian's Report

Dorjan Williams reported that he had begun work on the organization's photo album (and showed the work he had done so far).

Public Relations Coordinator's Report

Will Gauvin announced that, having consulted with various members of the organization, Alan Siler had selected a font for the organization's identity.

Proposals Considered

Two proposals had been introduced at the March business meeting for consideration at the April meeting. Eleven absentee ballots had been received for each proposal.

03-04-01. Funding Request for Buffy Finale Gathering

Resolved, THAT OutWorlders use $40 to buy food for this year's finale to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Author: Will Gauvin)

The proposal was adopted by a vote of 16 in favor, 1 opposed, and 0 present.

03-04-02. Funding Request for Dragon*Con Party Room

Resolved THAT OutWorlders provide funding for 2 rooms for 1 night for a promotional party at Dragon*Con. (Author: Joy Hatcher)

The proposal was adopted by a vote of 16 in favor, 1 opposed, and 0 present.

Proposals Introduced

The following proposals were introduced for consideration at the April business meeting.

03-04-01. On-line Payment Account

Resolved THAT OutWorlders set up an online account (such as through PayPal) to accept online donations, dues, and funds from fund-raising activities. (Author: Chris Coppeans)

03-04-02. Readers' Group SIG

Resolved THAT the readers' group be an official special interest group, whose purpose is to discuss books that fit the focus of OutWorlders. (Author: Chris Coppeans)

The April regular business meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m. The next regular business meeting will be 18 May 2003 at 2 p.m. at the Atlanta Diner.

Respectfully submitted, Bil Boozer, Secretary