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The regular business meeting of OutWorlders was held on Sunday, 20 October 2002, at 2:00 p.m. at the Atlanta Diner, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present. The following organizational members were present: Joy Hatcher, Lynn Swetz, Maylon Walker, Chris Coppeans, Alan Siler, JP Rhea, Dan Boozer, Amy Coppeans, Kris Harter, Edward deGruy, and Bil Boozer. The following organizational members had properly submitted absentee ballots: Billy Johnson, Ken Fernandez, Aaron Angel, Ken Gunter, Blake Sorenson, Stephen Pagel, and Will Gauvin.

Writers’ Group

Joy Hatcher reported that the Writers’ Group had held its first Sunday meeting, and the people who attended were the same ones who attend on Wednesday evenings, so the group was not inclined to schedule another weekend meeting. The next scheduled meetings are 06 November and 20 November, both at 7:30 p.m.

Old Business

Because only nine voting members considered business at the September regular business meeting, the two proposals adopted at that meeting were reconsidered. The proposal THAT $40 be spent to provide pizzas for the Buffy night season premier was adopted by a vote of 17 for, 0 against. The proposal THAT the bylaws be amended to add “In the event that a vacant position for officer in the OutWorlders is properly announced according to the bylaws and only one person is nominated (accepts and is seconded) by voting time that person will be installed to the vacant position on the day the vote would take place.” was adopted by a vote of 15 for, 0 against, 2 present. Bil Boozer was proclaimed Secretary (again).

Bylaws Committee

Joy Hatcher reported that the Bylaws Committee had met 12 November 2002 and that substantial progress had been made toward revising the bylaws. The next meeting of the Bylaws Committee was scheduled for immediately following the regular business meeting. Joy said she hoped to have the bylaws finished and published to the mailing lists before the November meeting so that feedback could be collected and a final version could be proposed at the November meeting for consideration at the December meeting.

Bank Account

Ed deGruy polled the members on whether he should order printed checks for the organization, and there was no objection.

2003 Officer Elections

Ed deGruy opened the floor for nominations for the 2003 officer elections.

Dan Boozer nominated Ed deGruy for the position of President. The nomination was seconded, and the candidate accepted the nomination.

Lynn Swetz nominated Bil Boozer for the position of Secretary. The nomination was seconded, and the candidate accepted the nomination.

JP Rhea nominated Joy Hatcher for the position of Treasurer. The nomination was seconded, and the candidate accepted the nomination.

Kris Harter nominated Chris Coppeans for the position of Vice-President. The nomination was seconded, and the candidate accepted the nomination.

Nominations will be closed at the November regular business meeting.

Organizational Events

Kris Harter reported her interest in taking attendance at OutWorlders events to get a better idea of who is participating in what activities and use that to plan future events. Amy Coppeans and Chris Coppeans will be hosting a Hallowe’en Party on 25 October 2002. Kris reported that seven people had signed up for the trip to the cornfield maze on 26 October 2002; proceeds from the trip will be donated to OutWorlders. The next game night will be 15 November 2002; an announcement to the announcement mailing list will be forthcoming.

Kris reported that she’d received a request for more events in public places. Consequently, she’d scheduled an event at the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Lips Down on Dixie; however, attendance was disappointing. She suggested that the group arrange to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets following the November regular business meeting; however, tickets would need to be purchased well in advance, and anyone interested in going should e-mail her ([Redacted]) to reserve a ticket.

Kris said she would create a poll to ask about interest in a community service event.

Public Relations

JP Rhea proposed the creation of a committee charged to create a press kit for OutWorlders. The motion was seconded and adopted. JP shall serve as chairperson of the committee. Bil Boozer, Alan Siler, Amy Coppeans, Lynn Swetz, and Ed deGruy volunteered to serve on the committee. Its first meeting will be 14 November at 8 p.m.

Dues Proposal

Bil Boozer moved THAT membership dues for the 2003 calendar year be set at $10.

Dragon*Con Expenses

Joy Hatcher reported that $240.26 had been paid to Mike Allgood as reimbursement for expenses related to the OutWorlders party at Dragon*Con. However, she has only received receipts totaling $220.88. Mike has asked for payment for the second room, though in a message to the discussion mailing list (28 August 2002), he suggested that persons staying in the rooms would be covering most of the costs for the two rooms. No accounting of money collected to pay for the rooms was included with the request for reimbursement.

Chris Coppeans moved THAT an emergency vote be held to consider Mike Allgood’s request for an additional $220.88 reimbursement. The motion was seconded and adopted (8 for, 1 against, 1 present).

The question of reimbursing Mike Allgood an additional $220.88 was considered but not adopted (1 for, 6 against, 3 present).

The body instructed Joy Hatcher and Bil Boozer to compose a letter to Mike Allgood asking for an explanation of the discrepancy between the requested reimbursement and the payments received from people staying in the hotel rooms. A copy of the text of the letter is to be posted to the AtlantaOutWorldersBiz mailing list.


Chris Coppeans propsed the creation of a committee charged to research the idea of the organization’s becoming a nonprofit corporation. The motion was seconded and was adopted. Chris shall serve as chairperson of the committee. JP Rhea, Maylon Walker, and Alan Siler volunteered to serve on the committee. A meeting time and place will be selected and posted to the AtlantaOutWorldersBiz mailing list.

The October regular business meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m. The next regular business meeting will be 17 November 2002 at 2 p.m. at the Atlanta Diner.

Respectfully submitted, Bil Boozer, Secretary