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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting

June 16, 2002

Members Present: Mike Allgood, Scott Johnston, Ed deGruy, Mark Gravitt, Joy Hatcher, Lynn Swetz.

Meeting started at 2:05pm.

Officer Elections:

Elections to fill the positions of President and Vice President were held. A closed ballot was held for the elections. There were 6 votes cast at the meeting, and 22 votes received as absentee (not all absentee votes contained a vote for Vice President).

Absentee votes were received from the following members (in no particular order):

JP Rhea, Maylon Walker, Will Gauvin, Harry Sharp, Bil Boozer, Mike Henigan, Rena Jones, Scott Cruce, Mike Huang, Aaron Angel, Martin Fitts, Ken Gunter, Marcus Strickland, Jeff Smith, Darren Nowell, Danny Harbison, Scott Tatum, Steven Hodges, Michael Leibmann, Lorelei Feldman, Blake Sorensen, Kris Harter.

The voting went as follows:
Ed DeGruy – 16 Votes
Mike Allgood – 12 Votes

Vice President
Mike Allgood – 13 Votes
Joy Hatcher – 11 Votes
Lynn Swetz – 1 Vote (Write-in vote)

Ed DeGruy will be President and Mike Allgood will be Vice President.

Coordinator Reports

RPG – Ed DeGruy

  • The Vampire LARP will be held next and Ty and Renae’s (sp?) house.
  • Still an open invite out to anyone interested in SOLAR. Contact Ed for further information.
  • Games night was a big success. It was suggested to attempt to have these at least quarterly.

Writers Group – Ed DeGruy

  • Nothing new to report.

Readers Group – Ed DeGruy

  • Nothing new to report.

Website – Mike Allgood

  • An upgrade is in the works, Mike is still trying to find a calendar that has a format that will fit our site.

Events – Mike Allgood

  • Buffy is in reruns, we are checking on possibly showing movies on the big screen at Miss Q’s.
  • Possibility of watching other Sci-fi shows on other nights.
  • Joy and Lynn said they would be willing to offer their home for any events if needed.
  • There will be an Anniversary Party for the group on either Saturday July 13th, or Sunday July 14th.
  • The actual anniversary of the group is July 15th.
  • Suggestions for the party included a pool party/BBQ at someone’s apartment complex, a picnic at Stone Mountain or Piedmont Park.
  • Mike will be stepping down as Events Coordinator, since he is not Vice President.
  • Mike nominated Kris Harter as the new Events coordinator. This was seconded. Ed will ask her about the position.

Bylaws – Joy Hatcher

  • Joy proposed a committee to discuss changes to the Bylaws. This was seconded.
  • Mike Allgood and Joy Hatcher will head up this committee.

Dragon*Con – Ed DeGruy

  • Suggested party themes: Area 51, Mad scientist.
  • Mark said he has props available for a Mad Scientist theme.
  • Mike has 2 rooms at the hotel available.
  • There will be a poll soon on party themes.

Pride – Mark Gravitt

  • Funds for the DVD player were approved ($105)
  • There will be 2 designs for the raffle tickets.
  • It costs $25/400 tickets to print.
  • Blake Sorensen has graciously offered to pay for the printing of 800 tickets.
  • Funds for an additional 400 tickets were approved ($25)
  • There will be 1200 tickets total at $2/ticket
  • Mike has been sending letters to local companies asking for donations for the raffle. Response has been good so far.
  • Dena will be printing fans and flyers for the booth.
  • Will check on possibility of printing bookmarks with the Outworlders logo on them.
  • The fans will sell for $1, we get .50 of that. Any left over fans will be stored for us until next year.
  • There will be 500 fans printed.
  • 30% of the profits from the raffle will be donated to CHRIS Rainbow Home.
  • We will be selling a few select titles from Meisha Merlin press, we will receive a portion of the sales.
  • Any donations towards the raffle will be appreciated. Contact Mike Allgood or Mark Gravitt to donate.
  • Dena donated a Deep Space 9 cover art for the raffle.
  • There is a $50 gift certificate that was donated by Metrotainment Group.
  • Scott Tatum has a storage facility for the Booth supplies at night.
  • Funds for food/beverages for the booth were approved ($75-100)
  • Mark Gravitt is donating $100 to the Pride Booth.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:36pm.
Next meeting will be Sunday July 21st