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Outworlders Meeting


Ed called meeting to order at 2:07 pm at Atlanta Diner.

Kris made Secretary for meeting

Ed accepted Alan’s resignation

Ed put vote for interim President up for vote.

Maylon Walker counted the votes

Ed 13
Mike 12

Vote was closed, Ed made interim President until the next meeting when vote for President will be held.

Events/Webmaster Report

New calendaring system for site, as automated as possible

New Members area, password protected

  • Choose members link
    • Go to members log-in area
    • Sign in or Create account
    • System tracks your IP address, time and date of sign-in
    • Mike will have list of those who created accounts
  • Anyone who creates an account will have access to the members area
  • Website is hosted by Hosting Solutions
  • New secure polling area
    • Tracks by IP address and cookie

All May events are on the calendar

  • June - all regular events and Pride
  • July - no Britcom Night, AOW anniversary July 14


Next Vampire LARP date TBA
World of Darkness game is on calendar, please see calendar for information
Champions game led by Martin will not happen, Martin unable

Book Group

(No representative present or information sent in)

Writers Group

(No representative present or information sent in)


Mark recently posted information to date on the discussion list
Concern over planning progress noted
Raffle is ok by Georgia law, Stephen Pagel unable to obtain signed DVD from George Takei
Dina will be printing fans - we will sell for $1.00, earning .50 on each
Alan has put a list of books together for the booth - will not be as extensive as last year, currently there is no involvement from the SFBS
Dina is emailing Alan about the printing of T-Shirts - black with OW blue logo

Dragon Con

Mike will not be able to plan the party
Kris retook position of planning party
Martin volunteered to help as much as possible
Leader of Star Trek Track needs two volunteers for the Missing Minority Panel
Kris will put poll out for deciding the room party theme, based on suggestions received previously

New Business

Mike -

Contacted by J. Croft of AJC for article
Also contacted by J.C. Schneider who has an online magazine “Sci-Fi Dimensions” for an article
Gaylactic Network has a new charter. To remain in their network we must vote to accept their charter. Mike’s comments were that we would have to officially change our name to include theirs and include their logo in ours if we voted to accept their charter

Maylon -

wants by-laws rewritten
Proposed a new officer, Sgt-At-Arns to be responsible for the bylaws and enforcement of a code of conduct
Kris proposed voting on new position at next meeting, Maylon seconded the motion
Maylon will post job description of position before next meeting for us to vote on

Kris -

Proposed an emergency vote for Vice President at the next meeting if position is vacated by Ed upon permanent election to president, seconded

Nominations taken, nominees are:

Joy Hatcher
Mike Allgood

Emergency Vote will be held, if necessary at the next meeting

Votes to be held at the next Meeting

President, nominees are Edward deGruy and Mike Allgood
Emergency Vote for vice-president, if necessary.
Nominees are Joy Hatcher and Mike Allgood

Please send proxy votes to Scott at [Redacted] or to Ed at [Redacted]

Absentee ballots may be cast by giving a vote on paper (including email which can be printed) to the person running the meeting prior to when the vote is taken.