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Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting

December 17, 2001

Members Present: Mike Allgood, Mark Shewmaker, Kirk Tsouros, Blake Sorenson, Scott Johnston, Alan Siler, Ed deGruy, Jeff Smith, William Shepard, Kris Harter, JP Rhea, Maylon Walker, Scott Tatum, Ken Gunter, Joseph Geierman.

Meeting started at 8:20pm.

Officer Elections: Elections for the upcoming year were held. As they were running unopposed, the offices of Secretary and Vice President were given to the only members running for them. A closed ballot was held for the office of President. There were 15 votes cast at the meeting, and 9 votes received by proxy.
Proxy votes were received from the following members: John Wood, Lorelei Feldman, Mark Gravitt, Darren ([Redacted]), Stephanie Clarkson, Stephen Pagel, Virginia Foster, Reena Baranan, William Gauvin.

The voting went as follows:
Alan Siler – 12 Votes
Mike Allgood – 9 Votes
Scott Tatum – 3 Votes

The officers for 2002 will be:
President—Alan Siler
Vice President—Ed deGruy
Secretary – Scott Johnston
Treasurer – TBA

The office of Treasurer will be filled in 2002. An announcement will be made about this at a later date. The position of Events Coordinator will also be filled at this time.

The next Business Meeting will be held on January 21, 2002, at the Atlanta Diner at 8pm.

Discussion will follow on possibly changing the meeting times. It was suggested that a poll be placed via Yahoo groups to determine the feelings of the membership.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.