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From:  Mark Gravitt [[Redacted]] (message #180)
Date:  Mon Nov 19, 2001  12:23 pm


25 October 2001, 20:00. Atlanta Diner

Due to the upcoming holidays, the November meeting will be the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Unit reports:
Book Group: Next meeting will be 15 November 2001 at OutWrite. This is a special meeting, since Keith Hartman will be there for Q&A, a reading, and book signing. [Part of his promotional tour for Gumshoe Gorilla.}

Treasury: No expenditures or collections since last meeting

Events: Turnout for Shore Leaves has been disappointing. They are definitely not really drawing in new people. On the plus side, there have been several new events added to the calendar. The most discussed is Ed’s Halloween Party. A trip to the Festival of Trees was suggested for the December Shore Leave.

Monsters, Inc 02 November 2001
Harry Potter 17 November 2001
Lord of the Rings 21 December 2001

RPG: The planned restart date for the Vampire LARP is Friday, 26 November 2001, subject to changes. Interest was expressed in other LARPS and traditional tabletop RPGS. [Champions, Fading Suns, Vampire, Deadlands….]

New Group: Croc is willing to host/coordinate a discussion group. This grew out of the Dragon*Con planning/discussions. The focus will be on discussion – details to follow.

Dragon*Con: Kris posted a copy of *what*has*been*submitted* to the list. We are now waiting for their reply, which will be at the end of November, or in early December. The Big Push to accomplish things will be in April, assuming they accept the proposal.

Pride 2002: Waiting for the Pride Committee to make the application forms available. [Scheduled for January 2002]. Someone mentioned that we need a fire extinguisher in the booth.

Gaylaxicon 2002 - w/ Diversicon. Will be in Minnesota. 2004 is in San Diego. 2002 is at WorldCon, and will be running the Gay Fandom Suite and Spectrum Awards.] The Network offered to assist us with Dragon*Con.

Flyers for the Book SIG: Alan volunteered
An OutWorlders sign at Miss Q’s.

Next Meetings:
November: Monday, 19 November 2001; December: Monday, 17 December 2001

Candidates must announce at November meeting, election to be held during December meeting. Terms begin with January meeting. Candidates must submit their proposals to the Webmaster [Mike] *in*writing* before the November meeting. Available offices are: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer.