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From:  Kirk Tsouros [[Redacted]] (Message #172)
Date:  Thu Oct 25, 2001  4:11 pm Subject:  Minutes from Sep 27th meeting

Thanks to Ed Tharp for doing these.

These are the meeting minutes from the September 27, 2001 meeting. 
My additions are surrounded with ***. They are updates/corrections.

Old Business

1. Pride Wrap-up:

  • OutWorlder’s overall sales of books was $442.00.
  • $90.00 in cash and $383.00 in credit cards.
 - 2 credit card purchases did not clear.
  • Keith Hartman was the big seller.

The good, the bad, and suggestions:

  • The booth looked great and drew a lot of attention. Next year we need to better represent the other aspects of the group (more social opportunities). Having two tables was suggested; one for selling books and the other to promote OutWorlders.
  • We need to apply earlier (January) - discount for early application.
  • The banner was a hit‹one less thing to think of next year.
  • Mark Gravitt volunteered to head a Pride 2002 committee.
  • No Tea Party, please. Everyone agreed.

Things to provide at the table next year:

a. List of Gay/Lesbian, etc. books and movies. (Will mentioned he could help wit that.) This would be available on the web, too.

b. Sell autographed items. Stephanie will be traveling to various events; opportunities for autographs. She will get with Mark on that. Steph has great opportunities, too.

2. DragonCon Wrap-up:

  • Overall Outworlders spent $465.00 for the 2 nights. This included the room, alcohol, and decorations. Not bad!
  • Roughly 400-500 (just an estimate) people showed up at the party.

The good, the bad, and suggestions:

  • Next year a fan needs to be available or better ventilation. Too darn hot.
  • There wasn’t enough alcohol and too much food (?).
  • More ads need to be posted. On that note, JP’s white flyers were a hit. They stood out from the others.
  • Mark’s business cards/name tags were a smash hit.
  • Chris has volunteered to head a DragonCon 2002 committee.

Committee: Alan, Mark, Will, Jeff, and Virginia
However, we need a Party Planner.

  • We need to apply earlier - discount for early application as well as room rates. On that note, a larger room would cost $600-750 a night. Chris has already started the application process.
  • Staying with the same size room and removing furniture was suggested (increase space and keep lower cost). Chris will be

New Business

  1. Pride 2002 was discussed in Old business.
  2. DragonCon was discussed in Old Business.
  3. Ken has resigned as Secretary. It was decided that whoever is available at the time will fill in until elections are held.
  4. Ed D. will be taking over Role Playing for JP.
  5. Chris made the request for a new position - Historian. The historian will report to the secretary. The secretary can be as involved as he/she wants to. The secretary is ultimately responsible for keeping everything coordinated here. If this isn’t what we decided, please let me know
  6. The season premiere of Enterprise at Mark Fong's place was a success – 26 people attended - some old and some newbies!
  7. Alan brought up the need for more member participation in hosting events and getting new members to part take on our events. On that note, Shore Leave would be much more successful if it were promoted more. It¹s an opportunity to do something non-science fiction and create a more relaxed environment for new members.
  8. The writing group is going well.
  9. The reading group is going well.

Closing notes:

Kirk was overall pleased and happy with the productivity between Pride 2001 and DragonCon. He hopes this will continue.