Historian's Duties

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Reports to

Vice President


As Defined in Bylaws

The Historian shall keep records of organizational activities to be made available at the request of any sponsoring member.

Other Duties

  • Report at the regular business meetings
  • Works with committees and officers to preserve and archive documents used in business meetings
  • Ensures completeness of facts in Meeting Minutes and Reports
  • Collect items such as pictures and news clippings about the group and its members
  • Gather historical data from sources such as archives, court records, diaries, news files, and photographs, as well as collect data sources such as books, pamphlets, and periodicals
  • Checks to see that all documents are dated and that referenced materials are easily sourced
  • Keep a record of all organizational events including:
    • Event dates and locations
    • Attendance counts
    • contest entries, winners, and prizes (complete with photos)
  • Follow standards of handling member data so that it is kept in the strictest confidence


  • Ability to write and edit documents in a way that will be meaningful for future readers to understand the writing’s context
  • Can take large quantities of text and chunk it into relevant headings and subheadings
  • Knows MediaWiki Wikitext or is willing to learn
  • Not afraid to approach people and ask for their picture
  • Fundamental understanding of how to take a good photo (compose images to NOT include dirty plates or distracting backgrounds)

Expected commitment

The Historian can expect to spend 8-hours per month on activities directly related to this position.