2020-10 Proposals

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2020-10-A. Fundraising for Trans Housing Coalition

WHEREAS, OutWorlders has an active initiative towards Transgender Rights; and

WHEREAS, the 2020 Transgender Day of Remembrance is on November 20, 2020; and

WHEREAS, the Trans Housing Coalition is an organization who's mission is to help Atlanta's chronically homeless Transgender and gender non-conforming people move from the streets into long-term housing; and

WHEREAS, OutWorlders has an interest in offering Hoodies this year instead of t-shirts; and

WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for face masks; and

WHEREAS, XPress Printing Services, LLC has supplied apparel to us before;


  1. OutWorlders will collect donations from Members in exchange for an OutWorlders hoodie.
  2. OutWorlders allocates $1300 to purchase at least 40 Hoodies from XPress Printing Services, LLC.
  3. OutWorlders offers those hoodies to members in exchange for $40.
  4. OutWorlders donates all anticipated profits from the first run of hoodies to Trans Housing Coalition, or $500 (whichever is greater), on November 20, 2020.
  5. OutWorlders will collect donations from Members in exchange for an OutWorlders face mask.
  6. OutWorlders allocates $400 for 100 cloth face masks with OutWorlders branding.
  7. OutWorlders will offer those face masks to members for a suggested donation of $5.
  8. OutWorlders donates all face-mask donations collected on or before November 19, 2020, to Trans Housing Coalition on November 20, 2020.
  9. After November 20, 2020, any remaining face masks will be given away for free.
  10. After November 20, 2020, all face-mask donations will be kept by OutWorlders, Inc.

ADOPTED this 2nd day of November 2020 by a vote of 6 for, 0 against, and 0 present.