2019 Planning Meeting Post-It Session

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The purpose of this document is to serve as an archival record of the 2019 Planning Meeting held on January 12, 2019.


Eric contemplating the meaning of this Post-It, and where it should go.

OutWorlders held a planning meeting on January 12, 2019. Those attending were asked to individually write down some ideas of what they would like to see happen in 2019. Each idea was written on a Post-It note.

Next, everyone stuck their Post-It Note Ides to the wall where each idea was discussed. If an Idea seemed similar to other ideas, those notes were grouped together.

After a few hours, those attending were given three "points" to spend on ideas they'd like to focus on. There were no rules on how those points needed to be divided, so someone could spend all three of their points on one idea if they wanted to. Each person would draw dots on the Post-It Notes (or group of notes) they thought should be the top focus of the group.

Below is a tabular representation of those categories, the points the received, and the individual ideas that made up the category.

Note, The points are used to help determine focus and priority. An idea with 0 points means that the group feels as those they can wait until higher priority goals are completed, but that does not mean that they can't be done. For example, collaborating with groups received the most amount of points, while Theme Nights received none. However, those two ideas could support each other depending on what comes out of the collaboration meetings.


Ideas are sorted by number of Points, then alphabetically by Theme

ID Theme Points Individual Ideas Has a cost?
1 Collaborate with Other Groups, Co-Op 7 Joint Game Night w/ Other LGBT+
Coordinate w Qweerios
Partner Events w/ Other LGBT Groups
Belong.LGBT Crossover Game Night
2 E-Pay 5 E-Pay No
Accept Electronic Funds
3 Advertise 3 Increase Social Engagement 10% Year-over-year
Meetup Page Yes
Throwback Photos
Advertise more generally
4 Swag 3 Dragon*Con Badge Sticker Yes
Sell Merch Yes
Sell Name Badges, Merchandise Yes
Raffle Prizes/Contests Yes
Prizes for Game Night Yes
5 Member Sub 2 Member vs Donor
Spon. Mem. Perk: Newsletter
Spon. Mem. Perk: lvl spec. swag
(More) Benefits for Membership?
Gold/Silver Dues Levels (w. Swag)
Swag (Pride? Members?)
Tiers: Gold $100, Silver $50
6 Newsletter 2 Spon. Mem. Perk: Newsletter
Newsletter 4 top Events AOW & Gen. Nerd
7 Charity Night 1 Charity Night
Volunteer Work
Fundraiser, Volunteer, Donate to LGBT+ charities
8 Develop Movie Night 1 Develop Movie Night
9 Find new Venues 1 Find new Venues (Large) Yes
Explore other venue options (may affect alcohol)
10 Fundraiser 1 Fundraiser
Special Game Nights with Admission Fee
Increase total donations 10% Year-over-year
11 Other Events - Non-game 1 Revitalixe SIGs (Readers, Writers groups)
Movie Outings
Show Viewings: Dr. Who, Star Trek: Discovery
Small Group Socials: Activity
Book Club
Buckhead Sci-Fi Library Night
Once a Mo. Non-Game Board AOW Official
12 Redefine Realign OutWorlders Purpose/Mission 1 Redefine Realign OutWorlders Purpose/Mission
13 Sponsor More Conventions 1 Sponsor Outlantacon - ROI
More Con Presence (DragonCon, Outlantacon)
14 Video Game Night 1 Video Game Night
15 20th Anniversy Party (Members?) 0 20th Anniversy Party (Members?)
16 Attendance 0 Increase Attendance 10% Year-over-year
Provide value to non cis-white gay men
Increase LT (Lesbian, Trans) Attendance
17 Flyers 0 Flyers
18 Food 0 Food Expansion Yes
19 Game Library 0 Build game library for newbies (Uno, Sorry, Etc. Yes
Central Game Library Yes
20 Offical Games 0 Official AOW Game Night Game
Host Group Games
21 Post open positions @ game night 0 Post open positions @ game night
22 Protect our brand - Register logo 0 Protect our brand - Register logo Yes
23 Regional Chapters 0 Regional Chapters
24 Signure Events 0 Have a signature annual event
25 Theme Nights 0 Game night theme: games
Theme Event Nights: Space, Halloween
More Themed Events. (Halloween + Xmas went well)
Seasonal Partes. Eg. Halloween, X-Mas, Arbor Day…
26 Website 0 Add to website: purpose of Membership
Utilize Website More